I recently started to play this game and, i've not yet seen theories on how stats are calculated. So I expect many edits and theories from the community to eventually understand.

Master theory Edit

  • There are three primary stats: AGI, INT, STR. It is believed that many of the other stats are calculated based on the primary stats..
  • "Normal" white stats (AGI, INT, STR) are calculated seperatly from "bonus" green stats (+AGI, +INT, +STR).
Strength: 273+50
  • Shown stats are rounded numbers.

Physical Crit Edit

  • Green ones may are: {\text{+PhysCrit} ~ = ~ \text{+AGI} ~ \times ~ 0.4 ~ + ~ \text{PASSIVE SKILL} ~ + ~ \text{ENCHANTS} }
"+PhysCrit" = "+AGI" * 0.4 + PASSIVE_SKILL + ENCHANTS
  • Nomal

Max HP Edit


//TODO Edit

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