• 1 Strength = +18 Maximum HP, +0.15 Armor
  • 1 Agility = +0.4 Physical Attack, +0.08 Armor, +0.4 Physical Crit
  • 1 Intellect = +2.4 Magic Power, 0.1 Magic Resistance
  • 1 Primary score = +1 Physical Attack

Each hero has unique base values for all scores. These base values can be different between promotion levels. Evolution has no effect.

In particular some heroes get a significant bonus for some ability at certain promotion levels.

Stats that do not increase with level: Edit

Magic Crit, HP Regen, Energy Regen, MAG Crit Rate, Life Steal Rating, Armor Penetration, Ignore Magic Resistance, Improve Healing, and Dodge.

These stats only increase if a hero has a bonus at a specific promotion, and additionally if items are equipped that give a bonus.

Example Edit

Enchantress has Intellect as primary stat, so her:

Armor = Base Armor + Strength x 0.15 + Agility x 0.08

Physical Attack = Base Physical Attack + Intellect x 1 + Agility x 0.4

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