Hero Medals
Order Hero Type Icon-female Medal-the-originals Medal-archery Medal-axe-gang Medal-naga-race Medal-pilgrims Medal-swordsmanship Medal-troll-race Geant.fw Beast.fw Death Flying.fw Icon-machinery
01 Shallows Keeper Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
02 Savage One Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-naga-race
03 Brute Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-axe-gang
04 Admiral Skill-type-strength Icon-female Medal-the-originals Medal-swordsmanship
05 Mountain Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
06 Warrior Monk Skill-type-strength Icon-male Beast.fw
07 Turtle Fighter Skill-type-strength Icon-male
08 Deathgore Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-pilgrims Beast.fw
09 Iron Hoof Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-axe-gang
10 Vanguard Warrior Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-axe-gang Beast.fw
11 Ancient Protector Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
12 Crossed Knight Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship
13 Devastator Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
14 Deathknight Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship Death
15 War Chief Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship Death
16 Elder Giant Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
17 Drunken Master Skill-type-strength Icon-male
18 Arcane Sapper Skill-type-support Icon-male
19 Psychopath Skill-type-mage Icon-male Geant.fw
20 Dope King Skill-type-strength Icon-male
21 Dwarf Warrior Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-axe-gang
22 Cleric Skill-type-strength Icon-male
23 Bear Warrior Skill-type-support Icon-male Beast.fw
24 Soulhunter Skill-type-mage Icon-male Medal-pilgrims Death
25 Swordmaster Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship
26 Death Bringer Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
27 Iron Dragon Skill-type-strength Icon-male Icon-machinery
28 Lightning Elemental Skill-type-support Icon-male
29 Fallen Dominion Skill-type-support Icon-male
30 Depths Voice Skill-type-support Icon-female Medal-naga-race Medal-swordsmanship
31 Dual Wield Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship
32 Ember Blade Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship
33 Commander Skill-type-strength Icon-female
34 Dungeon Keeper Skill-type-strength Icon-male
35 Griffin Skill-type-strength Icon-male Flying.fw
36 Inferno Skill-type-mage Icon-male
37 Scorpion Queen Skill-type-mage Icon-female
38 Rose Fencer Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship
39 Desert Lycan Skill-type-support Icon-male
40 Cloud Walker Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-pilgrims
41 Tusked Storm Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-axe-gang Medal-troll-race
42 Ferryman Skill-type-support Icon-male
43 Vengeance Spirit Skill-type-support Icon-female Medal-archery Medal-naga-race
44 Ninja Assassin Skill-type-support Icon-male
45 Death Mage Skill-type-mage Icon-female Death
46 Chemist Skill-type-strength Icon-male Geant.fw
47 Old Curse Skill-type-mage Icon-male Flying.fw
48 Wandering Spearman Skill-type-strength Icon-male Medal-troll-race
49 Demon Assassin Skill-type-mage Icon-female
50 Frost Mage Skill-type-mage Icon-female Death
51 Lightning Master Skill-type-mage Icon-male Medal-the-originals Medal-axe-gang
52 Machinist Skill-type-mage Icon-male Icon-machinery
53 Ice Mage Skill-type-mage Icon-female
54 Necromancer (v1) Skill-type-mage Icon-male Death
54 Ghost Musician (v2) Skill-type-mage Icon-female Death
55 Imperial Executioner Skill-type-mage Icon-male
56 Disease Bringer Skill-type-mage Icon-male
57 Forest Guardian Skill-type-mage Icon-male
58 Nymph of Sea Skill-type-mage Icon-female Medal-naga-race
59 Master Mage Skill-type-mage Icon-female Flying.fw
60 Silencer Skill-type-mage Icon-male
61 Ice Spirit Skill-type-mage Icon-male
62 Phoenix Skill-type-strength Icon-male Flying.fw
63 Lunar Guardian Skill-type-support Icon-female
64 Emberstar Skill-type-mage Icon-female Medal-the-originals
65 Shadow Shaman Skill-type-mage Icon-male Medal-troll-race
66 Hidden Needle Skill-type-support Icon-female
67 Succubus Skill-type-mage Icon-female
68 Fiend Slayer Skill-type-support Icon-male
69 Tarot Prophet Skill-type-support Icon-male
70 Queen of Curse Skill-type-mage Icon-female
71 Enchantress Skill-type-mage Icon-female
72 Manipulator Skill-type-mage Icon-female
73 Witch Skill-type-mage Icon-female Flying.fw
74 Psychic Sword Skill-type-support Icon-female
75 Wind Master Skill-type-mage Icon-female Medal-archery
76 Chaplain Skill-type-mage Icon-female Medal-the-originals
77 Pilot Skill-type-support Icon-male Flying.fw Icon-machinery
78 Puppet Master Skill-type-support Icon-male Icon-machinery
79 Wizard Doctor Skill-type-mage Icon-male Medal-troll-race
80 Commando Skill-type-support Icon-female Medal-archery
81 Lightning Spirit (v1) Skill-type-mage Icon-male
81 Nature Storm (v2) Skill-type-mage Icon-female
82 Shadowleaf Skill-type-support Icon-female Medal-the-originals Medal-archery
83 Mystic Skill-type-mage Icon-male Medal-pilgrims
84 Stormlord Skill-type-mage Icon-male
85 Professional Killer Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-archery Death
86 Rifleman Skill-type-support Icon-male Icon-machinery
87 Poisoned One Skill-type-support Icon-male Flying.fw
88 Light Bringer Skill-type-mage Icon-male
89 Sniper Skill-type-support Icon-male Icon-machinery
90 Ooze Skill-type-strength Icon-male
91 Unsullied Champion Skill-type-strength Icon-male
92 Forest Fairy Skill-type-mage Icon-female
93 Skeleton Mage Skill-type-mage Icon-male Death
101 Cat Fencer Skill-type-support Icon-male Medal-swordsmanship Beast.fw
102 Time Traveler Skill-type-mage Icon-male
103 Queen of Nature Skill-type-mage Icon-female
111 Corrupted Angel Skill-type-support Icon-male Flying.fw
112 Ghost Knight Skill-type-strength Icon-male Death
121 Sorceress Skill-type-mage Icon-female Death
122 Troll Princess Skill-type-support Icon-female Medal-archery Medal-troll-race

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